We provide our customers with high-quality, market-tested products while assisting with long-term international marketing strategies. AVAPOW offers you a total concept in a growing business segment with a large target audience, ready for you to launch!

Product Diversity

Since its founding in 2016, AVAPOW has been committed to the jump starter industry, owing to the efforts of its international design and marketing teams, as well as the sheer quality of its cutting-edge products. One of AVAPOW's core values is the consistent pursuit of innovation: we strive to regularly update and improve product features as well as expand our scope of product choices based on customer demand and market research.

Profit Margins

Thanks to our mature supply chain and production system, AVAPOW is able to provide distributors with the finest jump starters at the best price to optimize their profit margins, which is the foundation of AVAPOW’s long-term development strategy.

Market Support

The AVAPOW team provides marketing research for clients on both the local and global scale, bringing you closer to target markets and customers. Because we strive for your success, AVAPOW provides professional marketing strategies and promotion suggestion to all of our partners. We offer support for free samples and promotional giveaways, team training programs, online & offline advertising strategies, as well as the implementation of year-end incentive policies. We are committed to helping our clients in every aspect of their business with us, including sales, marketing, and after-sales services.


We care about your success just as much as you do. Join us today and experience the following perks:

Privileged Access

  1. Discounts on new products
  2. Rapid logistics service

Incentive Policy

  1. Best Seller Award
  2. Outstanding Marketing Award

AVAPOW offers discounts and awards to all distributors based on quarterly sales volume and marketing performance. AVAPOW takes great pride in developing and maintaining mutually beneficial relationships with our partners.

Brand Promotion

  1. Online promotion: We offer SNS (social network service) advertisement to increase brand visibility. You can take advantage of AVAPOW's growing online following to utilize Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms.
  2. Offline promotions: Promotional materials and exhibitions for our line of jump starter products as well as launch campaigns for new products.

Market Support

  1. Market research: We provide research on customers and the jump starter market according to clients’ target market.
  2. Market information: We share both local and global market information regularly with clients.
  3. Market consultation: We provide free local consultation services, so we may succeed together.
  4. Team training: We provide free product training for distributors.
  5. Offline activities: We provide samples and suggestions for offline promotional activities.