AVAPOW is an innovative brand of jump starters founded by a young engineer who recognized the common problem of low battery power during travel. With a commitment to providing efficient, stable, and safe products to consumers, he established a company that focuses on developing cutting-edge jump starters.


The brand name "AVAPOW" combines "AVA" and "POWER". "AVA" represents "Advanced Voltage and Amperage," reflecting the brand's dedication to developing advanced voltage and amperage technology. "POWER" signifies its commitment to providing high-performance and reliable jump starters.


AVAPOW jump starters offer a range of features, allowing users to jump-start their vehicle and conveniently charge their various mobile devices. Innovative technology ensures maximum effectiveness in emergencies while prioritizing safety and convenience. Additionally, the brand is dedicated to using sustainable technology, making its products more eco-friendly and long-lasting.


To promote the brand and its products, the AVAPOW team actively participates in various trade shows and events to build strong customer relationships. The brand also offers 24/7 technical support and customer service through its dedicated after-sales service center.


AVAPOW's mission is to provide customers with the highest quality products and services, ensuring peace of mind during travel. The brand continues to focus on research and development to offer even more advanced and intelligent jump starter products to its customers.